World Coffees

arabica vs robusta coffee beans

French Coffee – First of all, there is no such thing. Coffee grows in a band of coastal and mountainous nations that reside closest to the Equator. Places like India, Brazil and Kenya which are as exotic and mysterious as the flavor of coffee itself. Each location has a unique signature that is sometimes subtle and sometimes very powerful. When blended they often give a balanced flavor similar to a fine wine.

What Is Your Relationship To Coffee?

freshly roasted coffee

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest.  As a young child my favorite adult in the world was my Uncle Jim.  He would stop by for coffee at least once a week and thrill us all with tales of his adventures.  He was an avid outdoorsman who made his living as an arborist and sold firewood as an aside.  Often times he would gather a load of wood and deliver it to one of our elderly neighbors free of charge to be sure they kept warm during the cold winter months.  He also dabbled in masonry as moving large rocks “kept him strong”.  Always good natured and kind, Uncle Jim was and still is a joy

Dark Roast Coffee

What makes a DARK Roast Coffee?

Coffee cherries are green prior to roasting. They lack the characteristic flavor that we have come to value in a good cup of coffee. Roasting the beans reduces their water content and releases sugars, fats and starches in the bean. As this happens the beans develop an oily surface. This oil is what gives coffee its distinctive aroma and taste. Expert roasters use a combination of bean mass, temperature, smell, color, and sound to monitor the roasting process and produce the desired flavors and levels of roast.

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